Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flight Simulator x F-16 X Mission Pack

Designed for our F-16 Fighting Falcon X (required) this Mission Pack makes full use of the possibilities to make FSX far more interactive then any version before. Fly 10 custom missions representing the typical workload of an F-16 pilot.
In 10 missions you will be asked to intercept other aircraft, refuel in flight, assist in a simulated attack and where needed to safe yourself when things go wrong. Made for the pilot who likes to be challenged, the F-16 Mission Pack makes a great aircraft even better!
All missions are introduced with a detailed missions briefing and will come with all the scenery and objects that are needed. Of course there is full audio so you will hear the controllers and pilots.
All 10 missions with sound effects and voice files
English voices and subtitles
Full details of the missions in the briefing files
Additional scenery to match the missions


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