Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MiG 29 intercepts Air France plane

An Air France plane was intercepted by an Indian Air Force (IAF) MiG 29 aircraft over Amritsar on Thursday morning as it crossed into Indian airspace.The Air France Airbus-343 had entered India above Amritsar,
IAF scrambled two
MiG-29 fighter jets to intercept an "unidentified aircraft'' after it entered Indian airspace from Pakistan on Thursday morning
IAF radars picked up the aircraft, flying at a flight level of 37,000 feet, as it entered Indian airspace on an established border entry point on the ATS route. The aircraft was not in communication and also the secondary radar response code or the Squawk code of the aircraft, was not correct. The aircraft was then identified as 'Unknown'.
Immediately, an IAF MiG-29 fighter jet was scrambled to intercept and investigate the identity of the 'unknown' aircraft. It was only later that the aircraft started transmitting correct secondary radar response code and was picked up and identified by AD radar as civil airliner airbus a340 300 of Air France,which was on its from Paris to Bangkok.
The MiG-29 fighter aircraft was given instructions to break off and return to base. A formal report of the incident has been forwarded to Airports Authority Of India (AAI).


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