Saturday, August 22, 2009

russian navy cruiser Moskva wallpapers

The other vessels, from left to right are cruiser Moskva a Kara-class ASW cruiser, a Ropucha-class LST and a Krivak-class ASW frigate (all NATO designations).

Russian Navy Slava Class Guided Missle Cruiser

widescreen wallpapers of russian heavy cruiser Moskva
Black Sea fleet flagship Moskva, project 1164 Displacing 9,380 tons (11,490 tons full load) The class bristles with weapons systems and sensors, giving it a modern version of the Fierce Face look, so notable in Cold War Soviet warship designs. Overpowering all else are the sixteen P-500 Bazalt Surface to Surface Missile (SSM) canisters with their 4K80 missiles, NATO Code name SS-N-12 Sandbox


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