Tuesday, January 20, 2009

USS Lexington CV2 aircraft carrier pics

USS Lexington (CV-2)class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. originally authorized in 1916 as battle cruisers with seven funnels and boilers disposed on two deck levels,redesignated as aircraft carriers on 1 July 1922.The Lexington were the second aircraft carriers built by the United States
Battle of the Coral Sea
On the morning of the 8th, a Lexington plane located the Shōkaku group; a strike was immediately launched from the American carriers, and the Japanese carrier was heavily damaged. However, enemy planes penetrated the American defenses at 11:00, and 20 minutes later Lexington was struck by a torpedo to port. Seconds later, a second torpedo hit her portside directly abeam the bridge. At the same time, she took three bomb hits from enemy dive bombers, producing a 7 degree list to port and several raging fires. By 13:00, skilled damage control had brought the fires under control and restored her to an even keel; she was ready to recover her air group. Then suddenly Lexington was shaken by a tremendous explosion, caused by the ignition of gasoline vapors below, and again fire raged out of control. Captain Frederick Carl Sherman ordered "abandon ship"


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