Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sigma class corvette pictures

Sigma class corvette Indonesia naval ship. Built in Vlissingen, the Netherlands,based on the Sigma 9113 design

Dimensions(m) 90.71 x 13.02 x 3.60
Displacement(t) 1700
Main machinery 2 x diesel engines at 8910 kW max. power each
2 shafts with CPP
Speed(knots) 28
Range(nautical miles) 300 at 18 kt
Accommodation 80
Missiles Exocet anti ship missile
Tetral anti aircraft missile
Guns 76mm Super Rapid
2 x 20mm
Torpedoes: EuroTorp 3A 244S Mode II/MU 90 in 2 x B515 launchers


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