Tuesday, January 20, 2009

pictures of uss missouri bb63 ship

U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) ("Mighty Mo" or "Big Mo") was commissioned in June 1944. she fought in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa and shelled the Japanese home islands In the Pacific Theater of ww2 , and she fought in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. She was decommissioned in 1955 into the United States Navy "Mothball Fleet" , but reactivated and modernized in 1984 as part of the 600-ship Navy plan, and fought in the 1991 Gulf War.
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The battleship visited Napoli during the First Gulf War. On this ship was signed the surrender of the Empire of Japan which ended 2nd World War,Nov.11,1945. Now is in Pearl Harbor as Memorial

uss missouri ship model

A round is fired from the No. 1 406mm gun turret aboard the battleship USS MISSOURI (BB-63).

tonnage: 45,000 tons
Length: 887.2 feet (270 m)
Beam: 108.2 feet (33 m)
Draft: 28.9 feet (8.8 m)
top Speed: 33 knots
Complement: 2,700 officers and crew
Armament: 9 x 50 cal. Mark 7 16inch guns
20 × 5 inch (127 mm) 38 cal. Mark12 guns
80 x 56 cal. 40mm anti-aircraft guns
49 x 70 cal. 20mm anti-aircraft guns
Armor: Belt: 12.1 inch (307mm)
Bulkheads: 11.3 inch (287mm)
Barbettes: 11.6 to 17.3 in (295 to 439 mm)
Turrets: 19.7 in (500 mm)
Decks: 7.5 in (190 mm)


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