Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the last diesel-electric submarines of us navy Barbel class

The uss Barbel class SS581 submarines are the last diesel-electric propelled submaines of the United States Navy, the sub incorporated many design improvements. They were the first submarine built with the teardrop-shape hull first tested on Albacore (SS-569), and the first to use an "attack center" within the hull rather than a conning tower in the sail.

displacement 2316 tons full, 2644 tons submerged
Length: 218 feet 1 in
Beam: 29 feet
Draft: 29 feet 3 in
Armament: six 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes (bow), with 18 reload torpedos
Propulsion: three Fairbanks-Morse 38d(8 1/8)×10 3150 shp diesel engines, two General Electric motors, totaling 4800 shp
Speed: 15 knots surfaced, 12 knots snorkeling, 25.1 knots on battery for 90 minutes
Endurance: 1.5 hours at full speed, 102.0 hours at 3 knots (6 km/h)
Range: 19,000 miles without refueling
Depth: 712 feet
Complement: 85 officers and men


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