Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moroccan Navy Floreal Class Frigate wallpapers

The French Floreal Class is a type of light "surveillance frigates" designed to operate in the offshore zone in low intensity operations after the end of the Cold War, They use construction standards of commercial ships
Floreal Class patrol frigate ship of 2600 tons displacement, powered by SEMT-Pielstick 6PA 6L280 diesels rated at 8800 hp providing a top speed of 20 knots and a range of 14400 km at 15 knots. She carries a crew of between 80 and 90 and has 35 spare berths for marines.

weapons consist two Matra Simbad twin anti- aircraft missile launchers; one DCN 100 mm/55 Mod 68 CADAM anti-ship gun and two GIAT 20 F2 20 mm anti-aircraft guns. Panther helicopters.

Moroccan frigate Mohammed V (611)
Moroccan frigate Hassan II (612)


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