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Leahy class cruisers us navy

cg23 uss Halsey

cg22 uss England

cg20 uss Richmond K. Turner

United States Navy Leahy class guided missile cruisers were originally designated as DLG destroyers later were reclassified as guided missile cruisers (CG).USS Leahy (DLG/CG-16)was commissioned 4 August 1962
The ship is the only “double-ended” DLG class—fitted with missile launchers fore-and-aft, the first and only american naval ship designed without a main gun battery with which to engage in ship-vs-ship or shore bombardment.
The first three ships were constructed at Bath Iron Works, the next two at New York Shipbulding Corp, and the rest at Puget Sound Bridge and Dry Dock Company, Todd Shipyards, San Pedro, CA, San Francisco Naval Shipyard and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.All Leahy class ships were modernized again in the late 1980's New Threat Upgrade program. This program added advanced air search and track radars, The Leahy class was major cold war us navy cruisers in service to the early 1990's.
Displacement: 7,590 long tons full load.
Length: 533 feet 510 feet waterline
Beam: 55 feet
Draft: 21 feet
Propulsion: geared turbines, 85,000 shp; 2 shafts.
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 8,000 nm @ 20 knots
Sensors and
processing systems: AN/SPS-39 followed by AN/SPS-48 3D air search radar
AN/SPS-43A followed by AN/SPS-49 2D air search radar
AN/SPS-10 surface search radar
AN/SPG-55 missile fire control radar
AN/SQS-23 bow mounted sonar
Electronic warfare
and decoys: AN/SLQ-32
Mark 36 SRBOC
Armament: 2 × mk10 Terrier anti air missile
1 × ASROC ASW system
4 × 3inch naval guns (replaced by Harpoon missiles during 1980s)
6 × 12.75 in(324 mm)ASW TT
2 x Phalanx CIWS Close-in anti-aircraft defense
Aircraft carried: None


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