Sunday, November 1, 2009

anti-ship missile upgrades ANZAC frigates

The Australian government has signed a 260 million-dollar (200 million US dollars) contract for the first phase of a major upgrade to the anti-ship missile defenses in Navy's ANZAC class frigates.The first batch of the upgraded ANZAC frigates will be delivered to Navy in 2008, and the remaining ships will be upgraded over the period of 2009 to 2012, according to the statement. Enditem
Announcing the contract, Australian Defense Minister Robert Hill said the ability to provide warships with protection against anti-ship missile attack was an essential element of Australia's maritime capability.
"The anti-ship missile defense upgrades will ensure the ANZAC frigates have improved defenses against modern anti-ship missiles," Hill said Tuesday in a statement.
"The contract is the first phase of the 500 million dollars (390 million US dollars) ANZAC Frigates Anti-Ship Missile Defense project announced in December 2003," he said.
Under the contract with The ANZAC Ship Alliance, which covers defense company Tenix and Saab Systems, the alliance will upgrade the ships' command and control system and install an infra-red search and track system which will provide improved detection and indication of low level aircraft and anti-ship missiles when closeto land.
The work will also complete the core platform design changes and studies.


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