Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SU-37 berkut vs F-22 raptor

The Russian seem to think their SU37 is the superior aircraft to the F22A Raptor, the only way to prove this one way or the other is to see which one survives in aeriel combat.
The f-22 is a 5th generation fighter, the SU-37 is 4.5 generation. They're not really comparable, the f-22 is the most advanced fighter in production right now.

My gut feeling is it will be the F22A over the SU37, The F-22 is the best air superiorty fighter flying today. The Russians make good aircraft, many of them better then our own. Where we win is in the computers and components inside the aircraft. The SU-37 could probably outfly a F-22. If it could find it before the F-22 shot it down. Both the f-22 and the f-35 incorporate stealth features and supercruise. the su-37 is an updated su-27 flanker, a fighter from the f-15/f-16/f-18 generation. the f-22 is superior in almost every aspect to the su-37. the f-35 is designed as a lower cost alternative to the f-22. it is also slated to replace the f-18 hornet and super hornets. youre basically comparing 2 different generations of air superiority fighters. and the su-37 is a generation behind. the su-37 does not have the same stealth, supercruise or beyond visual range interception capibilities. its like comparing an f-4 phantom to a f-15 eagle. its not even close!

Since the SU-37 wasn't stealth, the F-22 would probably defeat it with an AMRAAM missile shot. In an actual dogfight, I think they would have been comparable.
The F-22 is technologically generations ahead of the Berkut. The Raptor has Stealth capability and better radar, longer range and superior avionics. There is a reason Raptors cost so much more: Quality does not come cheap

As far as the performance characteristics of the aircraft both are excellent aircraft. The F22 would have the edge of stealth and maybe just slightly better handling. But in the end you really need to look at who is in the pilots seat.only 50% chances of victory depend on the aircraft itself.
the rest depends on the pilot,the climate,the location of the fight.
raptor might win but it can be closer than you suppose


John said...

Do you think any comparison is valid without touching on the EW capabilities (unlikely to be publicly disclosed in our lifetimes), and the simulators available?

With flight hour costs running into the hundreds of thousands quality simulators directly equate to the quality of pilots.

And history has shown that great pilots in bad planes can beat good pilots in great planes. (thinking particularly of the Falklands example here).

The russian jets look great to 10 year old boys building model planes and reading the stats on the back of the box, but the force multipliers around western jets are immense.

As you say, we'll know when they go at it.

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as how neither are being produced, I think that this comparison is moot.

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