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USS Wisconsin bb64 battleship pictures

Battleship BB64 USS Wisconsin in late 1952 early 1953
The The Iowa-class battleship Wisconsin (BB-64) off NorfolkUSS WISCONSIN (BB-64) fires a round from one of the Mark 7 16-inch/50-caliber guns in its No. 3 turret during Operation Desert Storm. The ship's target is an Iraqi artillery battery in southern Kuwaiti. This was the first time Wiscosnin's guns had fired in anger since 1952, and would mark the start of her participation in the ground war during Operation Desert Storm

A bow view of the battleship USS WISCONSIN (BB 64) with its Mark 7 16-inch/50-caliber guns trained to port prior to a fire power demonstration in the Gulf of Mexico

USS Buck (DD-761), USS Wisconsin (BB-64) and USS Saint Paul (CA-73) Steaming in close formation during operations off the Korean coast

Battleship USS Wisconsin, in harbour at Norfolk, Virginia
permanantly tied up in Norfolk. It is worth the trip

Ship's Specifications
Length: 887’ 3"

Beam: 108’ 2"

Draft: 37’ 9"

Displacement: 58,000 tons fully loaded

Boilers: Eight 600-PSI Babock & Wilcox

Main Engines: Four geared Westinghouse turbines

Horsepower: 212,000 shaft horsepower (total all four shafts)

Propellers: Two Five-bladed 17’ 5" (inboard) Two four-bladed 18’ 3" (outboard)

Speed: In excess of 33 knots

Tank Capacity: 2.2 million gallons of fuel oil 37,000 gallons of aviation fuel 210,000 gallons of fresh water

Anchors: Two anchors, port and starboard bow, each weighing 30,000 pounds. Each anchor chain is 12 shots or 1,080 feet long and each link weighs about 120 pounds.

Armor: The main armor belt of the hull is 12.1" tapering vertically to 1.62". To protect the propellers and shafts aft, the armor is 12.1" thick.

Other armor thicknesses are:

Turret faces 17"
Turret tops 7.25"
Turret backs 12"
Turret sides 9.5"
Second deck armor 6"
Conning tower sides 17.5"


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