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wwii destroyer uss Mahan class pictures

USS Mahan DD364

USS Downes DD375

USS Tucker DD374

The United States naval ship Mahan class destroyers served in the us navy before and during World War II.The lead ship of the class was named for Alfred T. Mahan, a Naval officer and theorist on sea power.The Mahans were the second and most numerous of the six classes of 1500-ton pre-war destroyers that modernized the United States Navy.

The last two ships, USS Dunlap and USS Fanning were modified slightly and sometimes referred to as the Dunlap-class.
Displacement: 1,450 tons
Length: 341' 4" feet
Beam: 34' 8" feet
Draught: 17 feet
Propulsion: 4 Boilers
2 GE Turbines
Two shafts
49,000 horsepower
Speed: 35 knots (65 km/h)
Complement: 204 officers and crew
Armament: As built 1936:

Gun director above bridge.
5 x 5inch 127mm naval guns in five Mark 21 DP pedestal mounts.

12 x 21"(533 mm) torpedo tubes on three four tube mounts.
4 x .50cal(12.7mm) Water Cooled AA gun in single mounts.
2 depth charge roll-off stern racks.
cira 1944:

Mk33 Gun Fire Control System
4 x 5 inch 127mm 38cal naval guns in four Mark 21 DP pedestal mounts.
2 x Mk51 Gun Directors for 40mm mounts.
4 x Bofors 40mm anti aircraft guns in two twin mounts.
6 to 8 x Oerlikon 20mm AA gun in six to eight single mounts.
12 x 21" (533 mm) torpedo tubes.
2 x Depth charge roll-off stern racks.
4 x K-gun depth charge projectors. Port and starboard on the main deck


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