Wednesday, January 7, 2009

USSR Sverdlov cruisers pictures

The Sverdlov class cruisers Project 68B, were the last conventional cruisers built for the Soviet Navy; These ships were improved versions of the Chapayev class cruisers. They had the same main armament, machinery and side protection as the earlier ships, but had increased fuel capacity for greater range, an all welded hull, improved underwater protection, increased anti aircraft artillery and radar. The Admiral Nakhimov had an anti-ship missile launcher installed in place of A and B turrets as a trial in 1957 and was used as a target ship in 1961. The Dzerzhinsky had a SAM launcher for the SA-2 missile, replacing the aft turrets in 1960-62. The Senyavin and Zhdanov were converted into command ships by replacing the aft turrets with extra accommodations and electronics
Type: Cruiser
Displacement: 13,600 tons standard,
16,640 tons full load
Length: 210 m overall, 205 m waterline
Beam: 22 m
Draught: 6.9 m
Propulsion: 2 shaft geared steam turbines, 6 boilers, 110,000 hp
Speed: 32.5 knots
Range: 9000 nm at 18 knots
Complement: 1,250
Armament: 12 152mm 57 cal B-38 in 4 triple Mk5-bis turrets,
12 10.0 cm 56 cal Model 1934 in 6 twin SM-5-1 mounts
32 x 3.7 cm AA
10 x 533 cm torpedo tubes


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