Monday, January 19, 2009

USS Essex (LHD-2) Amphibious Assault Ship USN

USS ESSEX (LHD-2) multipurpose amphibious assault ships is the second ship in the WASP class
Displacement: 40,500 tons (empty)
Length: 844 ft (257 m)
Beam: 106 ft (32 m)
Draft: 28 ft (8.5 m) (full load)
Propulsion: Geared steam turbines
Speed: 24+ knots
Boats and landing
craft carried: 3 LCACs or multiple LCUs
Troops: 1,800
Complement: 73 officers, 1109 enlisted
Armament: RAM, NATO Sea Sparrow, Mk 15 CIWS, .50-caliber M2HB machine gun
Aircraft carried: up to 36, including: UH-1N Huey, AH-1W Cobra, CH-53 Super Stallion, CH-46 Sea Knight, MH-60 Seahawk, AV-8B Harrier
Motto: Take Notice
Nickname: "The Iron Gator"


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