Monday, January 12, 2009

us Navy smallest nuclear submarine nr-1

submarine nr-1 diagram

The Deep Submergence Vessel NR-1 is the smallest US Navy nuclear-powered ocean engineering and research submarine. Displacing just under 400 long tons, she is roughly 1/16th the size of a Los Angeles-class submarine.
Length overall: 44.4 m
Pressure hull length:29.3 m
Diameter: 3.8 m
Maximum beam (at stern stabilizers): 4.8 m
Maximum navigational draft: 4.6 m
BOX keel depth (below base-line): 1.2 m
Power Plant:
One nuclear reactor
one turbo-alternator
Two motors (external)
two propellers
Four ducted thrusters (two horizontal, two vertical)


Kyler D said...

Thanks used this info for a school project

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