Thursday, January 8, 2009

Swedish Navy stealth corvettes pictures

Swedish Naval vessel HMS Nykoping is leaving Emden lock to Emden Harbour

Sweden Navy Visby class corvettes
The ship's design heavily emphasizes "low visibility" or stealth technology. Royal Swedish Navy have five Visby-class ships, The 57 mm Bofors 57 Mk3 gun is fully automatic.
As a result of stealth adaption, the gun cupola is designed as an integrated part in the hull structure. It is blocked in stealth position until the moment of target engagement

Displacement: 650 tonnes
Length: 72.6m
Beam: 10.4m
Draft: 2.5m
Speed: 40+ Knots
weapons: 1 ×Bofors Mk3 57mm cannon
8 × RBS15 Mk2 Anti-ship missile
Mines & Depth charges


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