Friday, January 16, 2009

Sovremenny Class destroyer project 956

RFS Nastoychivy (Ddg 610) Russian Baltic Fleet flagship

fire SS-N-22 Sunburn missile

SA-N-7 surface-to-air missile

SS-N-22 Sunburn anti ship missile photos

Soviet Project 956 "Sarych" destroyer Otlichnny ddg 434

The Sovremenny class Project 956 destroyer is the principal anti-surface warship of the Russian Navy. and is similar in size to the USA Navy's Aegis-equipped missile cruisers. It is armed with an anti-submarine helicopter, 48 air defence missiles, 8 anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, mines, long range guns and a comprehensive electronic warfare system.

The first-of-class Sovremenny was commissioned in 1985. A total of eighteen have been built for the Russian Navy , eleven of which are in service


The ship is equipped with the Raduga Moskit anti-ship missile system with two four-cell launchers installed port and starboard of the forward island and set at an angle about 15 degrees. The ship carries a total of eight Moskit 3M80E missiles, NATO designation SS-N-22 Sunburn. The missile is a sea-skimming missile with velocity Mach 2.5 and armed with a 300 kg high explosive warhead or a nuclear 200 kiloton warhead. The range is from 10 to 120 km. The launch weight is 4,000 kg.

maximum displacement 7,940 tons full load
Length: 156 m
Beam: 17.3 m
Draught: 6.5 m
Propulsion: 2 shaft steam turbines, 4 boilers, 100,000 hp
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 14,000 nm at 14 kt
Complement: 350
Armament: 2× 4 SS-N-22 'Sunburn' Moskit SSM
Two Shtil surface-to-air missile systems SA-N-7, NATO reporting name Gadfly. The ship carries 48 Shtil missiles.
4× (2×2) 130 mm AK-130 guns
4× six-barrel 30 mm AK-630 Gatling artillery
two double 533 mm torpedo tubes and two six-barrel RBU-1000 anti-submarine rocket launchers
Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare helicopter, NATO codename Helix


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