Wednesday, January 7, 2009

soviet Kynda class cruiser wallpaper

One of the most beautiful fighting ships of the Soviet fleet

Admiral GolovkoShooting from fodder towers of the main calibre

Admiral Golovko Project 58 Missile cruisers Antiaircraft rocket complex 'Volna" ("Wave")

Kynda class cruiser is soviet navy anti-surface warfare ship using the SS-N-3b 'Shaddock' missile. the Kyndas stayed in service until the fall of the Soviet Union.

Displacement: 4,400 tons standard, 5,500 tons full load
Length: 141.7-141.9m
Beam: 15.8m
Draught: 5.3m
Propulsion: 4 boilers
2 steam turbines
100,000 shp
Speed: 34 knots
Range: 3,610 miles
(2000 nm at 34 knots, 7000 nm at 14.5 knots ?)
Complement: 390
Armament: ASM: 2x4 SS-N-3b (8+8 missiles)
SAM: 1 twin SA-N-1 'Goa' launcher (16 missiles)
Guns: 2x2 76mm, 4x 30mm
ASW: 2× RBU-6000 launchers
Torpedoes: 2x3 533mm tubes
Aircraft carried: None
Aviation facilities: Helicopter platform


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