Tuesday, January 13, 2009

South African Valour Class Frigates photos

SAS Mendi South Africa's new Meka A-200 Valour Class Corvettes seen berthed at Simonstown Naval Base

The SAS AMATOLA f145 frigate at sea during trials of its locally fitted equipment

Valour Class (MEKO A200 frigate SAN) (FSG) south african navy

Displacement: 3,590 tons full load
Dimensions: 397 x 53.8 x 20.3 feet
2x diesel engines, 7,940 hp each, 2 shafts for cruise;
1x gas turbine, 27,000 hp
1x waterjet
Speed: 28knots.
Complement: 92 plus 8 aircrew plus 20 spare
Missiles: SSM: 8 Exocet MM40 Block 2; SAM Umkhonto 16 cell VLS
Guns: 1 OTOBreda 76mm/62 compact
2 LIW DPG 35mm (twin). 2 Oerlikon 20mm Mk1.
Torpedoes: 4 (2 twin) 324mm tubes.
Countermeasures: Decoys: 2 Super Barricade chaff launchers; ESM/ECM: intercept and jammer
Combat data systems: Thomson-CSF.
Weapons control: 2 optronic trackers.
Radars: Air/surface search; Thomson-CSF 3D; E/F-band. Fire control 2 sets; I/J-band. Navigation/helicopter control 2 sets; I-band.
Helicopters: 2 SuperLynx 300


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