Monday, January 19, 2009

Sigma class Patrol corvette Indonesian navy

The brandnew, Dutch build, Indonesian patrol corvette KRI Diponogoro, Seen here at the river Schelde, Flushing during the fleetreview in honor of Michiel de Ruyter on 6 july 2007

The Indonesian navy Sigma class coastal-defence ship is based on the Sigma 9113 design
Sygma class with ocean capabilities
Displacement: 1692 tons
Length: 90.71 m
Beam: 13.02 m
Draft: 3.6 m
Maximum Speed: 28 knots

Range: At cruising speed of 18 knots: 3600 Nm
At economy speed of 14 knots: 4800 Nm
Propulsion: 2 x SEMT Pielstick 20PA6B STC rated at 8910 kW driving a lightweight Geislinger coupling combination BE 72/20/125N + BF 110/50/2H (steel - composite coupling combination)
4 x Caterpillar 3406C TA generator rated at 350 kW each
1 x Caterpillar 3304B emergency generator rated at 105 kW
2 x shaft with Rolls Royce Kamewa 5 bladed CP propeller
2 x Renk ASL94 single step reduction gear with passive roll stabilization

Sensors and
processing systems: Combat System: Thales Group TACTICOS with 4 x Multifunction Operator Console Mk3 2H
Search radar: MW08 3D multibeam surveillance radar
IFF: Thales TSB 2525 MkXA
Navigation radar: Sperry Marine BridgeMasterE ARPA radar
Fire control radar: LIROD Mk2 tracking radar
Data Link: LINK Y Mk2 datalink system
Sonar: Thales UMS 4132 Kingklip medium frequency active/passive anti submarine hull mounted sonar
Internal Communications: Thales Communication's Fibre Optical COmmunications Network (FOCON) or EID's ICCS where on-board users have access to internal and/or external communication channels and integrated remote control of communications equipment
Satellite Comms: Nera F series
Navigation System: Raytheon Anschutz integrated navigation

Integrated Platform Management System: Imtech UniMACs 3000 Integrated Bridge System
Electronic warfare
and decoys: ESM: Thales DR3000
ECM: Racal Scorpion 2L

Decoy: TERMA SKWS, DLT-12T 130mm decoy launchers
weapon: Oto Melara 76mm naval Gun
2 x quad MBDA Mistral TETRAL Anti-air missile forward & aft
4 x MBDA Exocet MM40 BlockII Anti-surface missile
2 x Denel Vektor G12 20mm modèle F2 gun (Licensed copy of naval defence weapon GIAT M693/F2)
Torpedoes: EuroTorp 3A 244S Mode2/MU90 in 2 x B515 launchers

Aviation facilities: landing pad, optional hangar


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