Friday, January 16, 2009

russina nuclear-powered battlecruiser pyotr velikiy

Pyotr Velikiy Peter the Great is the fourth Kirov class battle cruiser of the Russian Navy, originally named Yuri Andropov.It is the flagship of the Northern Fleet.On September 8, 2008, it was announced that the Pyotr Velikiy would sail to the Caribbean Sea in order to participate in naval exercises with the Venezuelan Navy,led by the nuclear-powered Kirov-class battlecruiser Pyotr Veliky - one of the world’s largest heavily-armed nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers - will participate with the Venezuelan fleet in the Caribbean naval exercise in November 2008. . This action would represent the first major Russian show of force in that sea since the end of the Cold War. After finishing the naval exercises with the Venezuelan Navy the task group did a short visit in Cuba. The visit lasted December 19-23

On January 11, 2009, the chief of the Russian General Staff announced that the Pyotr Velikiy and six other russian warships would participate in a joint naval exercise with the Indian navy later the same month.[4] On the way to India the Kirov-class cruiser made a three-day visit to Cape Town in South Africa.


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