Wednesday, January 14, 2009

russian destoryer Admiral Vinogradov pics

Admiral Vinogradov ddg 572 is a russian Udaloy II class destroyer,an upgraded Udaloy class. The Project 1155.1 Large ASW Ships have 7,900 tons Displacement,Udaloy II class is Russia's only multipurpose destroyer, the ship is modified by the replacement of the SS-N-14 by the SS-N-22,change the emphasis from ASW to anti-shipping, however, her standoff ASW capability is retained by firing SS-N-15 missiles from the torpedo tubes. Other changes include an improved self defense capability with the addition of the gun/SAM CIWS systems. Similar to Udaloy externally, it was a new configuration with the Moskit antiship missiles, a twin 130 mm gun, the Udav antitorpedo system and several anti-aircraft systems. Powered by a modern gas-turbine engine, it was equipped with more capable sonars, an integrated air defense fire control system, and a number of digital electronic systems based on state-of-the-art circuitry.

Admiral Vinogradov served in russian pacific fleet


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