Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oste class surveillance ships wallpaper

Oste class (Type 423) electronic surveillance and reconnaissance ships of the German Navy,ELectronic Signals INTelligence, and refers to intelligence-gathering by use of electronic sensors
Length: 83.5 m
Beam: 14.6 m
Draft: 4.2 m
Displacement: 3200 t
Propulsion: 2 diesel-engines, 3300 kW each
Speed: 21 kn
Range: more than 5000 nmi
Armament: none
Equippement: ELINT/COMINT sensors, electronic countermeasures
Complement: 36 + up to 40 mission specialists

German FGS A50 Alster 1989
A52 Oste 1988 Kiel
A53 Oker 1988 Kiel


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