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kms Scharnhorst battleship german navy

the layout diagram of german battleship Scharnhorst

The port forward 150mm turret of the sms Scharnhorst seen from ahead. Single-mounted 150mm guns are beyond, at main deck level, with 105mm twin anti-aircraft guns above.

View from the forward superstructure towards the bow, with the ice cover accumulating on the 283mm gun turrets. Although the installation of "Atlantic bow" improved deck conditions in rough waters, in stormy seas the ship still took plenty of surf across the deck.

two triple 283mm gun turrets

battle ship Scharnhorst triple 283mm gun turrets behind. at Kiel during the winter of 1939-40.

Scharnhorst was the battleship of imperial german navy Kriegsmarine
kms Scharnhorst maximum speed is 32 knots, superior to most of the ships of the Royal Navy.
Displacement: 38,900 tonnes (full load)
Length: 235.4 m (772.3 feet) overall
Beam: 30 m (98.4 feet)
Draft: 9.93 m
Propulsion: 3 Brown-Boveri geared turbines;
3 three-bladed propellers, 4.8 m (15.75 feet) diameter;
161,164 shp
Speed: 33 knots (61 km/h)
Range: 10,100 nmi at 19 knots
Complement: 1,968 (60 officers, 1,909 enlisted)
Sensors and
processing systems: 80-cm wavelength RADAR from 1940
Armament: 9 × 280mm naval gun
12 × 150mm naval gun
14 × 10.5 cm/65 (4.1") SK C/33
16 × 3.7 cm/L83 (1.5") SK C/30
10× 2 cm aa gun
6 × 533 mm torpedo tubes
Armor: Main belt: 350 mm (13.78 inch)
Deck: 95 mm max.
Aircraft carried: 3 Arado Ar 196A-3, 1 catapult


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