Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kingston class coastal defence ship pictures

MM-704 HMCS Shawinigan

Canadian Forces Maritime Command Kingston class coastal defence vessels,The ships are equipped with a Bofors 40 mm Model 60 Mk 5C rapid fire gun, and two 12.7 mm (50 cal) machine guns.[1] The Bofors gun is mounted on the forecastle deck and the arc of fire extends forwards by +/- 120°.

Displacement: 970 t
Length: 55.3 m
Beam: 11.3 m
Draught: 3.4 m
Propulsion: 2 x Jeumont DC electric motors
4 x 600VAC Wartsila SACM V12 diesel alternators
Speed: 15 kn (27.78 km/h)
Range: 9,000.00 km)
crew: 47

Sensors and
processing systems: Kelvin Hughes navigation radar (I-band)
Kelvin Hughes 6000 surface search radar (E-F band)
Global Positioning System
A towed high-frequency sidescan sonar
Remote-control Mine Hunting System (RMHS)
Armament: 1 x Bofors 40 mm 60 Mk 5C cannon
2 x M2 Machine Guns


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