Friday, January 9, 2009

Italian battleship Giulio Cesare

Between 1933 and 1937 she was completely rebuilt, changing her silhouette and increasing her combat capabilities. Length was increased by 10.3 meters, and she was given new armored decks and new propulsion machinery that uprated her to 93,000 horsepower (69 MW), and allowed a speed of 28 knots (52 km/h).

this is either just before/during/or just after WWI. she is much more handsome ship as a rebuild. remove middle turret to add more boilers for better speed.ream out main battery to increase to over 13" plus increase range by increasing gun elavation... and totally rebuild superstructure...looked more like new ship than mostof the rebuilds after the treaty

During the Battle of Calabria, Warspite was credited with achieving the longest ranged naval gunnery hit on a moving target in history,hitting the Italian flagship Giulio Cesare amidships at the record range from 23 kilometres (14.7 miles) away.a Cesare's 320 mm salvo aimed at HMS Warspite had actually straddled two British destroyers, HMS Hereward and HMS Decoy, causing some splinter damage on both of them.

Giulio Cesare was an Italian Conte di Cavour-class battleship that served in the Italian fleet in both World Wars before joining the Soviet Navy as the Novorossiysk. She was build in 1914,When built she was a respectably armed unit, 24000 tons, 13 12" guns in three triple and two twin turrets, and could make 22 knots. Like most Italian battleships, Giulio Cesare had relatively light armor.

Displacement:Reconstructed:29,100 tons full load
168.9 - 186.4 m
Beam: 28 m
10.4 m
8 boilers, 2 shafts, 93,000 hp
28 knots (53 km/h)

3,100 miles at 20 knots
10 × 320mm main gun
12 × 120/50 mm
8 × 100/47 mm
8 × 37/54 mm
12 × 20/65 mm
Armour: Built:
max 280 mm (vertical)
111 mm (horizontal)
max 280 mm (vertical)
135 mm (horizontal)


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