Friday, January 2, 2009

hellenic navy Fast Attack craft Super Vita Class

anti ship missile MM.40 Exocet Block IIa,
anti air missile x1 RAM CIWS,  
gun x2 OTO Breda AA guns,
76mm OTO Breda main-gun
The design of the 62 metres fast attack craft missile is based on the smaller Vita class crafts already in service with the Qatar Navy and similar-sized craft built for Oman and other countries.The ships, called the 'Roussen Class', are being constructed at the Elefsis yard near Athens,supervised by Vosper Thornycroft.Three ships were delivered and other two are being constructed.The Super Vita Class has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure,displacement 580t full load(size of a Corvette),dimensions(62m-9.5m-2.6m) ,and 35 knots full speed


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