Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finnish Navy Hamina class missile boat

finnish navy hamina class stealth missile boat is a fast attack craft,The Hamina class are very potent vessels, boasting surveillance and fire-power capacities, which are usually found in ships twice the size,the ships primary weaponry is four RBS15 Mk3 anti-ship missile
Displacement: 250 tons
Length: 51 m
Beam: 8.5 m
Draught: 1.7 m
Propulsion: 2 × MTU 16V 538 TB93 diesels; 6600 kW.
2 × Rolls Royce Kamewa 90SII waterjets
Speed: 30+ knots
Sensors :

Ceros-200 FCS (Saab)
Consilium Selesmar maritime radar
TRS-3D/16-ES multimode acquisition 3D radar (EADS)
ANCS 2000 Combat Management System (EADS)
Simrad Subsea Toadfish sonar
Sonac/PTA towed array sonar (Finnyards)

Electronic warfare
and decoys:

MASS (Multi Ammunition Soft-kill System) (Rheinmetall)
Decoys: Philax chaff, IR flares
Smoke system: Lacroix ATOS
EMS: Matilda radar warning system (Thales)

weapons: 1 ×  Bofors 57 mm/70 SAK Mk3 gun
2 ×  12.7 mm machine guns (NSV)
8 ×  Umkhonto-IR SAM (Denel)
4 ×  RBS15 Mk3 SSM (Saab)
1 ×  rail for depth charges or mines (Sea Mine 2000)
Notes: Ships in class include:
Hamina (80)
Tornio (81)
Hanko (82)
Pori (83)


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