Monday, January 5, 2009

Canadian navy Iroquois class destroyer gallery

Iroquois-class destroyers are a class of four helicopter-carrying, guided missile destroyers of the Canadian Forces. Launched in the 1970s, originally fitted out for anti-submarine warfare, a major upgrade program in the 1990s overhauled them for area-wide anti-aircraft. HMCS Huron was paid off and later sunk in a live-fire exercise, leaving three ships in the class. The Iroquois-class were the first military ship design to employ gas turbines exclusively, using two turbines for cruise power, and another two fast starting "boost" turbines for speeds of up to 29 knots (such an arrangement is known as COGOG). The design was highly influential, and had a major impact on the design of the US Navy's first modern post-war destroyers, the Spruance-class.


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