Sunday, January 18, 2009

bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns

40mm quad bofors naval anti aircraft gun

The Bofors 40 mm gun is a famous anti-aircraft autocannon designed by the Swedish firm of Bofors. It was One of the best Heavy anti-aircraft weapons of World War II, used by most of the western Allies warships,Bofors gun was the us's standard anti-aircraft naval gun.The Germans also used the Bofors design to develop the 40mm Flak 28 and the Japanese copied a British Army type Bofors to produce the 40mm Type 5.
, and the Navy secretly imported a set of Imperial designs from England and started production illegally. A formal contract with Bofors followed in June 1941. The resulting Mark 1 and Mark 2 weapons were intended for the left and right side of a twin mount, respectively.

Weight L/60: 1,981 kg
L/70: 5,150 kg (11,353 lbs)
Shell 40x311mmR (1.57 inch)
Caliber 40 mm L/60 (actual calibre is 56)
Carriage 522 kg
Elevation L/60: -5°/+90°(55°/s)
L/70: -20°/+80°(57°/s)
Traverse 360°
L/60: 50°/s
L/70: 92°/s
Rate of fire L/60: 120 round/min
L/70: 330 round/min
Muzzle velocity L/60: 881 m/s (2,890 ft/s)
L/70: 1,012 m/s (3,320 ft/s)
Maximum range L/60: 7,160 m (23,491 ft)
L/70: 12,500 m (41,010 ft)


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