Tuesday, January 20, 2009

battleship uss texas photos

United States Navy ship USS Texas BB-35 was a New York-class battleship. The ship was launched on 18 May 1912 and commissioned on 12 March 1914.Texas served in both WWI and WWII,It is now a battleship memorial museum located at the San Jacinto State Historic Site in La Porte, Texas near Houston.She is the only first-generation dreadnaught (WWI era) battleship to survive to this day.

Displacement: 27,000 tons
Length: 573 ft
Beam: 95 ft 3 in
Draft: 27 ft 10.5 in
Propulsion: The Texas' engines were the ultimate in naval reciprocating engine construction. The twin-screw ship The USS Texas' pair of four-cylinder, triple-expansion engines provided 14,000 horsepower to each shaft and traveled 21.05 knots at 125 revolutions per minute.
Speed: 21 kn (39 km/h
Complement: 954 officers and men
Sensors and
processing systems: CXZ RADAR from December 1938 later replaced by CXAM-1 RADAR
Armament: 10 × 14 inch guns
21 × 5-inch (130 mm) guns[2]
4 × 3-pounders (1.4 kg)[citation needed]
4 × 21-inch (530 mm) submerged torpedo tubes


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