Friday, December 26, 2008

norway F310 Fridtjof Nansen frigate ship

HNoMS (KNM) Fritjof Nansen
Boknafjorden, Norway

Max speed: 28 knots+
Cruising Speed: 18 knots
Length Overall: 132.0 m
Maximum Beam: 16.80 m
Full Load Displacement Incl. Margins: 5121 tonnes
Complement: 120 (Accommodation Capacity 146)
Max Height Above Water Line: 31.0 m

Weapons: Main Gun: 76 mm OTO BREDA SR Small caliber Gun: 12,7 mm ASW weapons: Stingray Light weight torpedos, Depth Charges AAW weapon: Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile MK 41 VLS ASuW weapon: NSM Anti Ship Missile Soft kill weapons: Terma Decoy launcherIR decoy, radar and acoustic decoy


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