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HMS Ark Royal desktop wallpaper

hms ark royal 1970 Buccaneer jet
The Sea Vixen served the Royal Navy from 1959 to 1972, and like many interceptors of the period, was armed solely with missiles. It operated from aircraft carriers like HMS Ark Royal and HMS Eagle until relieved by the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II.

While the American super carriers carried more aircraft and were much larger, the HMS Ark Royal and HMS Eagle were comparable in size to the U.S. navy's Midway class. The British big carriers were finished during the 1950s after WW II from hulls laid down during and just after the war. It was the British which developed the angle deck and the steam catapults. Up until the development of the F-14 Tomcats and F-15 Eagles the F-4 Phantoms were the cream of the crop of American fighter-bombers. Unfortunately, the F-4 Phantoms were too large for the smaller carriers sold and operated by Australia, Brazil, and Argentina. They, much like the American Essex class, were limited to A-4 Skyhawks and S-2 Traders. Many of the smaller British carriers operated similar smaller aircraft and some of the smaller carriers were developed for amphibious duties. Are the Sea Harriers as good an aircraft as the Phantom and Buccaneer? Not really, but they were able to carry the latest and newest Sidewinders which made them very effective. However, the Harriers never had their range or speed. Most of the Harrier kills during the Falklands conflict happened when the Argies were returning to Argentina. With the Phantoms, I dare to say many aircraft would have been splashed in the opposite direction.


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HMS Ark Royal's return to the fleet after a $20 million upgrade

The 22,000 ton Ark Royal entered service in 1985. It carries 24 aircraft and helicopters, and is operated by a crew of 1,100. The most notable aspect of the refit was the addition of accommodations for 400 marines. This makes the Ark Royal into an amphibious carrier, and can deliver the marines via helicopter, or boats.

the RN intended its last two Invincible class carriers for different roles, with HMS Illustrious carrying the Harriers of the Naval Strike Wing (the RN contribution to Joint Force Harrier) and with HMS Ark Royal as the other carrier that would specialize more in amphibious assault support.

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