Friday, December 26, 2008

Danish Navy Thetis-class warship pics

The Thetis class ocean patrol vessel, also called Stanflex 3000, is a class of large patrol vessels built for the Royal Danish Navy. The class comprises four ships
Length: 112.50 m
Beam: 14.40 m
Draft: 6.00 m
Tonnage: 3,500
Speed: 21.8 knots
Main engines: 3 x MAN B&W Diesel 12v28/32A-D à 2940 kW (3990 hk)
1 shared Renck Tacke reduction gear for propeller and shaft generator (PTO to shaft generator = 1800 kW)
1 electrical Brunvoll azimuth thruster (800 kW)
1 electrical Brunvoll bow thruster (600 kW)
Auxiliary engines:
Diesel generator sets: 3 x Detroit Diesel GM 16V 7163-7305 à 460
Emergency generator set: 1 x Detroit Diesel 6L-71N 1063-7005 à 120 Kw
1 Terma Scanter Mil 009 navigational radar
1 Furuno FR-1505 DA surface search radar
1 Plessey AWS-6 air search radar
1 SaabTech Vectronics 9LV 200 Mk 3 fire control system
1 SaabTech CTS-36 hull-mounted sonar
Thales TMS 2640 Salmon variable depth sonar
FLIR Systems AN/AAQ-22 SAFIRE thermal imager
1 Thales Defense Ltd Cutlass radar warning receiver
1 Thales Defense Scorpion radar jammer
2 Sea Gnat launchers (for chaff and flares)
Communication: Link 11 and Danish national link DanLink
1 76-mm 62-cal. OTO Melara Super Rapid DP
4-7 12.7 mm heavy machine guns
2-7 7.62 mm light machine guns
1 depth charge rack
Air complement:
1 Lynx helicopter (capable of being stored in hangar)
1 heavy-duty helicopter can be stored on helicopter pad
Fuel-oil: 510 m3
Water: 110 m3 (and 2 RO-units able ro produce 24 m3/day)
Heli-fuel: 44 m3
8.300 nautical miles
60 days
110 flight hours (supporting)


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